KR Professional Wax Heater for Hair Removal

30 Nis

Get a professional wax heating and melting device for full body waxing with ease, light, fast heating, safe, wax package included

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Product Description

A thermal device for heating and melting all types of wax wax containers + wax container + power cable, as it is easy to use, light in weight, and melts wax in a short time, taking into account the type of wax used.

The device includes a transparent window on the side, which allows you to monitor the condition of the wax in the container without opening it. The portable size is perfect for you on the go, just put the special wax bottle and plug the device in and the wax starts melting.

Suitable for hair removal, beauty and skin care, suitable for beauty salons, spas and personal use at home.

How to use

Place the wax "canister" in the machine and turn on the power to heat the wax until it reaches the proper melting point.
After the Wax has melted, turn the wax bottle upside down and allow the wax to flow from the "calf" roller.
Apply an appropriate layer of wax to the skin. When applying the wax, move quickly to ensure that the layer of wax is thin and even.
Attach the hair removal paper, press it gently while wiping, then press one end of the hair removal paper, and then remove it quickly against the direction of hair growth.
Clean the wax residue left on the body, using Agis Oil. from here

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